Guided Tour

Once you turn East on Millbrook Road from Winn Road and pass the first crossroad, look for our mailbox on the north side of the road and our sign on the south side of the road.

The sign in the wrought iron heart means you have found our driveway.

When you see the vinyl post with the artist's "Antique" sign on the right side of the driveway you have reached our shop.

Our porch-covered double doors welcome you to our shop which has an assortment of antiques, crafts, furniture, candles and other items for your shopping pleasure.

Browse our walls for numerous decorating ideas.  Who says frames are just for pictures?  

We also have a good selection of display collectibles and antique furniture.  If you don't see what you want, just ask.  We may have just what you want in storage.

Just think how nice your vacation pictures would look displayed with vintage cameras.

Whether you are looking for vintage, antiques or collectibles we have vast selection to satisfy your taste.  

Be sure to look in all directions or you might miss something.  How about some vintage leather luggage for your vacation?  

Plates, glass and metal ware are all displayed for your viewing pleasure.  Be sure to look inside the display cupboards for all the pieces we offer for sale.

We have Gwen Frostic cards, stationary, mugs and framed prints for your pleasure.

How about a dry cleaning sign for your laundry room or a wooden wagon for displaying your favorite collection.

We have everything from a folk art loon to fine limoge china! 

Thank you for touring ANTIQUES on the Side.  We look forward to your visit.

Antiques on the Side

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